Benefits of Doga: Yoga With Your Dog

Doga, yoga with your dog, is good for both of you.
everyday HEALTH

everyday HEALTH

By Mahny Djahanguiri, Special to Everyday Health

Since doga — doing yoga with your dog — is still a novelty, some dog owners have responded with positive and some with negative remarks when I mention that I’m a doga teacher.

I often hear, “But surely dogs would rather fetch a stick or chase squirrels then do bloody yoga?”

I try to clarify that what I teach isn’t “doggy yoga” because dogs don’t actually do human yoga positions (though they can perform an awesome downward dog). I teach yoga for people.

I explain that dogs are incorporated into human yoga poses, which involves yogic breathing and has a calming and soothing effect on the dog’s central nervous system.

“My dog is already calm enough. All he does is laze around watching TV all day,” will be the next response.

There’s a difference between lazing around in front of the TV or computer with your dog and resting in a yoga pose, like corpse pose, with your dog actually participating in your relaxation.

The difference is called intention, or attention.

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