Vitamin D Deficiency May Lead to Depression

WorldHealthDayGood Day!

In honour of World Health Day,

I’d like to bring your attention to an article that highlights the potential increased risks associated with Vitamin D deficiency. These risks include Dementia, Depression, & even Diabetes.  For those of us living in an environment with lack of Sun during the winter months, our exposure to Vitamin D from the Sun is limited, posing an even greater risk to our health. Below is an excerpt from the article written by Dr Mercola:

The Link Between Depression and Dementia

Other recent research has found links between depression and dementia, and between vitamin D deficiency and depression. One eight-year-long study3 from Rush University Medical Center found that higher levels of depression translated into greater risk for dementia later on.

The severity of the depression was also linked to the speed of memory decline—the worse the depression, the faster the decline in memory. According to lead researcher Robert S. Wilson:

“These findings are exciting because they suggest depression truly is a risk factor for dementia, and if we can target and prevent or treat depression and causes of stress we may have the potential to help people maintain their thinking and memory abilities into old age.”

Read Full Article

Also,  Better than vaccines? Vitamin D found to be powerful prevention vs. colds and flu


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