Benefits of Eating Organic Food

I came across a blog post from none other than the one and only, the immaculate, Food Babecomparing Organic vs. Conventionally grown produce. She is well known for her investigative works into many of the restaurant industries’ most popular chains as well as reporting on ingredients in many name brand food items sold across the country.  This article highlights the massive studies that have been compiled regarding the health implications of eating conventional vs. organic crops as well as the effects on the unborn and even the farming industry.

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People often say that because pesticides reside in all foods that eating organic is moot and essentially unnecessary. However, with this logic, would you openly expose yourself to incurable yet avoidable disease if you had the knowledge and tools to prevent it? We’re not talking about 1 meal, here. We’re addressing the best way to mitigate toxicity over time and this article will certainly help guide you on how to make a health-conscious long-term decision for you and your family’s sake. Read the article.

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