At-Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners


You’ve grown tired of the frustration that accompanies being physically unfit. You’ve mustered up the courage to seek out a fitness plan. You find one that motivates you. You join. You set the dates on your calendar..and the reminders. You go grocery shopping with all the intentions of making better choices in nutrition. And, you do. You do alllll of this and then you realize – I don’t know the first thing about equipment. And while you can always go to the gym and stare at the equipment there for 20 minutes before getting discouraged and heading to the treadmill, why not learn what equipment you can use to see results right from the comfort of your living room! Keep reading…

There’s so many obstacles to becoming knowledgeable about any particular topic and fitness is not exempt from this conversation. And, just how we spend a great chunk of our lives in school learning fundamentals about various topics, learning fitness also requires observation and instruction. Which is, in this instance, where the personal trainer comes in. Any trainer who takes pride in not just training, but genuinely seeing their clients triumph in their quest to transition into a healthier lifestyle, should also be willing to at least address fundamentals that go beyond the training – like the obvious, fitness/equipment. After all, they do go hand in glove. Excuse me! I mean, hand in hand. 🙂

Although this post will not be exhaustive, below you will find a list of gear and equipment that any beginner could appreciate having knowledge of as it could provide a tremendous advantage to transitioning into becoming more physically fit. Independence is a good thing. Learning the fundamentals will help you become independent over time.

Disclaimer: As with all things, exercise precaution when using this equipment and always consult a medical professional to ensure that you are healthy enough to use them to begin with.

Pictures are clickable. So, here goes:

Fitness Gloves:

If you have sweaty palms or you want to avoid calluses, fitness gloves will add a layer of protection to help you do just that. Depending on the types of exercises you’re doing that include  lifting or pushing, these gloves could provide more grip, but may also cause limitations. Regardless, it’s definitely in your best interest to own a pair.

Foam Roller:

These devices help speed up recovery by massaging trigger points that have become tight and sore due to exercise. Using these will help you save a lot of time and effort trying to recover from intense workouts or from soress to muscles you simply haven’t been using, to name a few.

Resistance Bands:

It is important to note that resistance training refers to a form of exercise that uses resistance to build muscular strength. Resistance bands can be used to apply this concept. Remember in grammar school when you would take a rubber band, put it on one index finger, and then pull in the opposite direction with the other like a slingshot? You created resistance. Now, imagine if you did this with rubber 100x as strong.  The challenge that would be present, is how muscle strength is built. There are all kinds of elastic thresholds. So they can have many different applications.

   Exercise Ball aka Swiss Ball aka Physio Ball:

This lightweight elastic ball filled with air is generally used for core stability and support when performing different types of exercises or even as a replacement to an office chair for some. Usually ranging anywhere from 30 – 90 centimeters, there are some with different shapes that may be even smaller in diameter.

Medicine Ball

The main distinction of the medicine ball is its weight. Because it is heavier than an exercise ball, the medicine ball can be used to create more resistance and, therefore, help focus on the development muscular strength.

In Conclusion:

There are tons of different brands and equipment that you could find to potentially help you reach your fitness goals. Sometimes, simplicity is key. Same goes for activewear clothing. Personally, whenever I shop for anything, I do research, including reading reviews, watching videos on youtube, and even getting the opinions of my peers. That way, I can be confident that i’m making a somewhat informed decision about something I may have had little to no knowledge on before. I encourage you to do the same.

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What equipment & gear do you like to use for your at-home workouts? Let me know?

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